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VISEL ITALIANA is proud to present the innovative Q-FOOD multimedia system for displaying the order number in Food areas. This is a useful solution to indicate that a particular dish is ready and available for the Customer to pick up at the counter.

The layout of the monitor allows you to view the last five calls in historical mode, with dynamic indication of the time elapsed since the call. Each new call is emphasized in the center of the screen for a few seconds and then shown in the upper left corner (this option can possibly be disabled by the user).




The system also allows viewing of multimedia content (images) locally and remotely (ViselCloud). The screen layout is predefined and allows, by connecting to the Internet, to view additional web content such as TIME, DATE and an information line with the latest news (RSS).

The call (progressive or numeric) can take place via a wireless pad or via a virtual license for Android devices (optional). The system is also set up for calling the number. The FOODBOX module can be connected via RJ45 LAN cable or in wi-fi mode. The product is equipped with a software for the management of the various functions and the programming of multimedia contents.

As required by current regulations, the Q-FOOD system is provided with CE conformity certification.

Accessories and related items

  • qslcd27
    Monitor LCD 27"

    It is the main display unit 27-inch
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  • qslcd32
    Monitor LCD 32"

    It is the main display unit 32-inch
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  • qslcd43
    Monitor LCD 43"

    It is the main display unit 43-inch
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  • ts5032
    Wall support for LCD

    Wall support for Philips LCD monitor max 32'
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  • ts5060
    Ceiling support for LCD

    CEILING support for Philips LCD monitors max 60'
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  • qsfoodbox

    FoodBOX main unit
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  • qskeypad2
    Wirless remote pad for Q-FOOD

    Wireless remote for Q-FOOD system
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  • qsfoodkey
    Client Android

    Call console for Android
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Useful resources

  • User Manual

    QS-FOODBOX User Manual in English