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More than a quarter of a century in customer service


Wide range of electronic and digital systems for user flow management.


Variable message multimedia devices and advanced digital signage systems.


Design and development of proprietary hardware and software to guarantee professionalism and security.

Product Lines



MICROPOINT is the first Queue Management System with LOW-COST DISPLAY. It is in effect a highly innovative application destined to carve out an important role in the world of traditional queue management systems...

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The Entry Level and Multi Counter lines have been designed to meet the basic needs of reality with one or more operators, such as bakeries, pizzerias, ice cream parlors, pharmacies or even supermarkets...

Entry Level Solution Multi Counter Solution


The Turnopoint line is often used in FOOD environments and thanks to the use of the radiofrequency control, it can be easily installed directly by the user. The line also includes numerous accessories and related consumables...

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Turn System

The Turn System line, divided between Minipoint and Multipoint, stands out for its design that never goes out of fashion. Thanks to the use of a remote control and a thermal printer, it is possible to satisfy one-off reality with one or more operators...

Minipoint Solution Multipoint Solution

Q-Retail PRO

VISEL ITALIANA is proud to present the innovative QMS solution Q-RETAIL PRO able to manage up to two different queues and multimedia content manageable remotly with the Visel Cloud platform.

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VISEL ITALIANA is proud to present the innovative Q-FOOD multimedia system for displaying the order number in Food areas. This is a useful solution to indicate that a particular dish is ready and available for the Customer to pick up at the counter.

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The MICROTOUCH system represents the intermediate proposal in the multi-service systems produced by VISEL ITALIANA. Perfectly compatible also with serial devices, it allows to manage up to 12 queues and 20 call stations with advanced priority management and ticket forwarding to other services...

Lite Solution Standard Solution Entry Solution Reception Solution


The queue management system Q-SYSTEM is the most advanced solution of the VISEL ITALIANA product lines, and allows to solve all those waiting management needs characterized by the presence of branches, rooms, offices, clinics and more...

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Latest News

Q-Retail Line

Q-Retail PRO

The evolution of Q-Retail with a graphic layout restyling and remotely multimedia contents manageable with Visel Cloud.

MicroTouch Line

MicroTouch Station

The new MICROTOUCH QUEUING STATION solution represents the VISEL proposal for the current quota phase of post-COVID.



NEXTAB10 system allows to manage access to restricted areas by means of a warning (visual and vocal).