The MICROTOUCH RECEPTION system represents an intermediate solution within the Microtouch queue management lines. The system provides for the release of the numbered ticket by the reception / acceptance staff and is particularly interesting in those environments (health, medical offices, laboratories, etc.) in which it is preferable to avoid not installing a dispenser to the public in order to avoid mistakes in the choice of available services with obvious repercussions on call handling and waiting in general.

Users will then go to an acceptance point which will issue the specific number for the type of service requested. As far as the general architecture of the system is concerned, this faithfully follows that of the usual Microtouch standard systems. Calls will then be displayed on a multimedia LCD monitor (or standard TV) with HDMI input, virtual consoles will be available, the system management unit will consist of the QS-MICROTBOX module, to be connected to the existing LAN network.

For printing the shift number, operators will have a desktop LAN dispenser and a virtual client module to install on their PC station. All items in the MICROTOUCH Reception line are designed and manufactured in Italy and are CE marked.


The central unit of the MicroTouch Reception systems consists of the Micro-T-Box, the smallest queue management server in the range offered by Visel Italiana. This hardware is capable of operating in total autonomy, via LAN, and managing the same number of services as the classic MicroTouch.

Technical features
  • CPU: Quad-core 1.2 Ghz with dedicated GPU
  • Output: HDMI for advanced configuration and diagnostics
  • Connectivity: Ethernet 10/100, WiFi 2.4Ghz 802.11n
  • Storage: 8 GB with microSD card.
Server features
  • Services: Up to 12 different queues
  • Operators: Up to 20 call stations
  • Display compatibility: QS-LCD10A, QS-LCDBOX, QS-SUMMARYBOX
  • Software: MicroTouch Reception for Windows.

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