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Q-Next consists of an electronic check-in / check-out system. This product can be used in areas such as airports, supermarkets or for all those realities they need to show customers what the next available operator is.


The main unit of this product resides in the QS-NEXTBOX and requires a monitor, a TV or a device that has an HDMI input and possibly a speaker to reproduce audio. Furthermore, QS-NEXTBOX needs one LAN connection for the management of call consoles (virtual or physical) and if it were an Internet connection is also available and is able to show the weather forecasts and / or last-minute news via RSS FEED.


Accessories and related items

  • qsnextbox

    Q-Next Main Unit
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  • qslcd27
    Monitor LCD 27"

    Monitor VESA without DDT from 27"
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  • qslcd32
    Monitor LCD 32"

    Monitor VESA without DDT from 32"
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  • qslcd43
    Monitor LCD 43"

    Monitor VESA without DDT from 43"
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  • qswcons
    Tabletop WiFi console

    Tabletop wifi operator console
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  • qskeynext
    Next Virtual Console

    Virtual operator console
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