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VISEL ITALIANA, active since many years in queue management systems, is pleased to announce that is now available the first low-cost take-a-number display. This is an highly innovative application designed to carve out an important role in the world of traditional queuing systems. MICROPOINT was designed with the aim of creating a highly competitive product to sale anywhere is needed the installation of a queue management system. MICROPOINT is available like DISPLAY Line (2-digit display + wired push button), or KIT Line (with ticket dispenser and 2.000 tickets roll).


2-digit queue management display (from 00 to 99) with 7-segment red LED digits, 7.5 cm high digits, normal or fast advance by wire button, digit flashing, audible alarm at number change, last number memorization called in the absence of a network, reset.

The chassis is in black ABS plastic material with front in transparent red printed methacrylate and is also available in the following colors: red, green, yellow, blue, white.

The progress of the numbering on MicroPoint is allowed exclusively through a push-button with wire and a slave configuration is not possible, therefore it will not be possible to obtain a repetition of the shift number on two devices.

Try the display and its colors


The KIT formula includes everything needed for the activation of a complete queue management system

Kit Description
  • Micropoint Main Unit
  • Black PVC "Ticket" signboard
  • Wired button with jack cable
  • Switching power supply with European socket
  • "Round No." adhesive label
  • Ticket distributor
  • 2000 ticket roll
  • User Manual
Kit Micropoint

Accessories and related items

  • sd2
    Micropoint Main Unit

    Main unit with wired button for number progressing
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  • puls2011
    Wired button

    Wired sticker button for progress numbering
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  • tsk20000
    2000 ticket roll

    Pack of 10 rolls with 2000 tickets each one
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  • cart

    PVC screen-printed signboard
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  • piantana
    Standard Dispenser Floor

    Floor support for a ticket dispenser
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  • dispenser

    Ticket dispenser tear shockproof plastic
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  • Brochure

    Presentation document of the Micropoint system

  • User Manual

    Micropoint system multi-language user manual