When tradition meets technology.


The TURNOPOINT line applies both in FOOD environments such Bakeries, Pastries, Ice Cream, Fish, Gastronomie and is dedicated specifically to HO.RE.CA. and catering equipment in general. Thanks to the use of the radio frequency command can be easily installed directly by the user. The line also includes numerous accessories and the relative consumption of material.

With VOICE is better.

The voice call module (VOICE2 / VOICE3) is available as an accessory, which, appropriately connected to the display, will indicate with a female voice the progressive number and any sales department (gastronomy, bakery, fishmonger, etc.). All messages are already pre-registered and the selection can be made directly during installation by dip-switch.

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The KIT formula includes everything needed for the activation of a complete queue management system

Kit Description
  • 2-digit display
  • Info Cart TICKET
  • Switching power supply with European socket
  • "NOW SERVING" adhesive label
  • TX Radio-Control
  • Ticket Dispenser
  • 20.000 ticket
  • User Manual
Kit Turnopoint

Accessories and related items

  • td04
    Turnopoint display 2 display

    Electronic 3-digit LED display for indicating the progressive number of turn
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  • cons2
    Tabletop console 2 digit

    Tabletop console for operator with 2-digit LED display
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  • tsk20000
    20.000 ticket

    Pack of 10 rolls of 2000 ticket each one
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  • cart
    Info Cart

    PVC screen-printed sign indicating 'TICKET'
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  • piantana
    Standard dispenser floor

    Floor support for a ticket dispenser
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  • voice

    The VOICE module is composed of a central unit and a speaker
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  • tx
    Radio Control

    Radio control to the standard frequency of 433.92 MHz
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  • dispenser

    Ticket dispenser tear shockproof plastic
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Useful resources for Turnopoint

Display manual

TD04 2-digit display user manual


Presentation of the Turnopoint system


Operator console user manual

Radio Control (TX)

Remote control user manual


Voice module user manual