EASYTURN Entry Level

It is versatile to suit your needs.

Regolacode Monopunto

Mono-point line can be installed in supermarkets, bakeries, pastry shops, ice cream parlors, delicatessens and in all retail business in which there is need to order the turn of the clientele. Each system operates on a single "tail" to which all users levying a progressive ticket by the same distributor. Also available is a kit that allows for quick installation and commissioning of the system. Any accessories and spare parts are available separately.

Advancing has never been easier.

The display can be 2 or 3 digits depending on the number of users expected in normal operation, it is possible to connect several displays in parallel to display the same shift number.

Regarding the progress of the numbering, operators can use the (TX remote control) or the table console with micro display (CONS2/CONS3) which will be connected to the main display.

The voice call module (VOICE2 / VOICE3) is available as an accessory, which, appropriately connected to the display, will indicate with a female voice the progressive number and any sales department (gastronomy, bakery, fishmonger, etc.). All messages are already pre-registered and the selection can be made directly during installation by dip-switch.

Controlli Regolacode Monopunto


The KIT formula includes everything needed for the activation of a complete queue management system

Kit Description
  • Main mono-point unit 2 digits
  • Info Cart TICKET
  • TX Radio-Control
  • Switching power supply with European socket
  • Adhesive label "Shift number"
  • Dispenser
  • Pack of 5 roll with 2000 tickets
  • User Manual
Kit Regolacode Monopunto

Accessories and related items

  • md2
    2-digit display

    2-digit electronic display
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  • md3
    3-digit display

    3-digit electronic display
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  • cons2
    2-digit console

    Tabletop console for operator with 2-digit LED display
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  • cons3
    3-digit console

    Tabletop console for operator with 3-digit LED display
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  • tx
    Radio control mono-point

    Radio control to the standard frequency of 433.92 MHz
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  • voice
    Voice module

    Voice module for mono-point systems
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  • tsk20000
    20.000 ticket

    Pack of 10 rolls of 2000 ticket each one
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  • cart
    Info Cart TICKET

    Cartello informativo 'Ticket' nero
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  • piantana
    Dispenser Floor

    Floor support for a ticket dispenser
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  • dispenser

    Ticket dispenser tear shockproof plastic
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Radiocontrol (TX)

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