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The MICROTOUCH system is made in the middle of the multi-service systems produced by Visel ITALIANA. It is a line that does not provide for the use of serial units 485, being completely based on a LAN type network infrastructure. The central unit is represented spout QS-MICROTOUCH with 9.7" and rolls Thermal paper 80mm touch-screen interface. Which is preinstalled on the SOFTOUCH management software including licenses for virtual client call.

MICROTOUCH The system can handle up to 12 different services and allows viewing of calls on the LCD monitor Summary (standard with HDMI input) and individual operator workstations (desks, rooms, clinics, etc.) by LCD display 10 ". The layout call graphs available in MICROTOUCH system are two and are differentiated according to the way information is displayed: In compliance with the law, all articles of MICROTOUCH line are provided with EC Declaration of Conformity.

MicroTouch with Stand

It is also possible to choose the layout for the summary display: Classic display with 4 or 3-item history and Display with summary of all configured services. Our summary displays, with proprietary software, can show information about the weather and news, pronounce the shift number and the related service name and also can play a playlist of multimedia content for advertising purposes.

As for the progress of the numbering, it is possible to rely on four different solutions: The wired table console, the WiFi table console, the virtual console for Android smartphones or the virtual console for Windows.

Compact, functional and easy to configure.
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    Useful resources for MICROTOUCH

    User manual - Later 2020 Line

    User guide for configuring MicroTouch

    User manual - 2019 Line

    User guide for configuring MicroTouch

    Accessories and related products

    • qsmicrotouch

      Master/Slave main unit
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    • qsmarketboxpro

      TV MarketBox PRO client with summary of shift numbering.
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    • qspharmabox

      Main Unit for Virtual display PHARMA type.
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    • qsverticalbox

      Main Unit for Vertical SUMMARY display type.
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    • qssummarybox

      Main Unit for Virtual SUMMARY display type.
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    • qs-cds3
      Multipoint Counter display

      The counter display char + 3 digits
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    • microtouch-counter
      PC Virtual Console

      Operator console for Computer
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    • qssmartkey
      Android Console

      Operator console for Android devices
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    • qscons
      Tabletop wired console

      Tabletop operator console
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    • converter
      Serial Converter

      RS485-RS232 converter for the connection of serial peripherals
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    • qslcd27
      Monitor LCD 27"

      Monitor VESA without DDT from 27"
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    • qslcd43
      Monitor LCD 43"

      Monitor VESA without DDT from 43"
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    • qs-microkiosk-pro

      Master/Slave main unit
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    • qslcdbox

      Main Unit for Virtual display of the LCD type.
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    • qsmediaboxpro

      TV MediaBox PRO client with shift numbering history
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    • qsverticalboxpro

      Main Unit for Vertical SUMMARY display type with Cloud.
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    • qslcd10a
      Virtual counter display

      Counter display LCD 10"
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    • qs-webkey
      Web Counter

      Web operator console
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    • qs-queueweb
      Web History / Summary Display

      Historical or Summary display via Web Browser
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    • qs-telemetry

      Telemetry add-on module, to receive MicroTouch data through the Web
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    • qswcons
      Tabletop WiFi console

      Tabletop wifi operator console
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    • qssoftstat
      MicroTouch Manager

      Optional software for statistics management
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    • qslcd32
      Monitor LCD 32"

      Monitor VESA without DDT from 32"
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    • ts5014
      Floor support

      Floor support for MicroTouch.
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