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The new MICROTOUCH QUEUING STATION solution represents the VISEL proposal for the current quota phase of post-COVID access to retail and FOOD activities, Pharmacies, Analysis Laboratories, Public Offices, Banks, Industrial Supplies, etc. The advantage of MQS is essentially linked to the possibility of maintaining the differentiation of the services offered to the public, even in a non-standard waiting situation.

The COVID emergency, in fact, by moving the waiting area outwards, has somehow canceled the concept of choosing the type of service requested, in favor of a "single queue" which, however, in many contexts, it appears to be too general and unable to differentiate user service requests or the activation of any priorities for particular categories of customers, without considering a perhaps even more important aspect given by the possibility for operators to know at any time the number of users waiting.

M.Q.S. it is a very flexible and quick installation solution as it consists of an all-in-one device containing both the MICROTOUCH dispenser with 9.7 "touch-screen (and related SOFTOUCH management software) and the smart LCD monitor (22 "or 32" high brightness) on which the various calls appear with indication of the relative position (also vocally). In order to contain the size of the monitors for this particular application, the SUMMARY layout was chosen in which the monitor is divided into as many areas as there are activated services, obviously giving up multimedia content.

The layout also includes time, date, local weather and RSS with the latest news. The system works through the existing LAN network within the structure while the call from the operators takes place by installing a virtual client on the various PC stations.

The M.Q.S. it is able to manage up to 12 services and 20 operator stations, without further cost increases. The smart monitors proposed are not subject to the payment of the RAI fee as they do not have a TV video signal receiver. To complete the system, 10 "LCD displays are available, indicating the number called from each workstation, obviously to be installed inside the room. In compliance with the provisions of the law, all the articles of the MICROTOUCH line are provided with a CE declaration of conformity.

Accessories and related items

  • qsmicrotouch

    Master/Slave main unit
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  • qssummarybox
    SUMMARYBOX main unit

    Main Unit for Virtual SUMMARY display type.
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  • qslcd10a
    Virtual counter display

    Counter display LCD 10"
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  • microtouch-counter
    PC Virtual Console

    Operator console for Computer
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  • qssoftstat
    MicroTouch Manager

    Optional software for statistics management
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  • qswcons
    Tabletop WiFi console

    Tabletop wifi operator console
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  • qssmartkey
    Android Console

    Operator console for Android devices
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  • roll80mt
    Thermal Rolls

    Box of 30 thermal rolls for MicroTouch systems
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  • ts5014
    Floor support

    Floor support for MicroTouch.
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