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The queue management system Q-SYSTEM is the most advanced solution of Visel range and addresses all those needs of the waiting management characterized by the presence of branches, rooms, offices, clinics, etc. which perform different activities.

The heart of the system consists of a proprietary software application able to handle serial hardware units, Ethernet as well as all the functionality normally required in systems of this type. All hardware units are designed and manufactured by the company that is therefore able to ensure the highest competence and promptness in the resolution of any technical problems.

The Visel ITALIAN then performs a number of activities both pre and post-sales ranging from feasibility study with its survey to support the installation company during assembly, through to testing and relative activation of the system both remotely and on-site.

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    Accessories and related products

    • qstouch22

      Main unit with thermal printer and touch monitor from 22"
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    • qsminitouch
      Mini Touch

      Main unit with thermal printer and touch monitor from 12"
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    • qscons
      Wired Console

      Serial operator console
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    • qslcd10a
      Door display LAN

      Door display from 10" LAN
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    • qs-cds3
      Wired Door display

      Serial door display
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    • qslcdbox
      Historical summary at 4

      TV-Box client with 4-call history
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    • qspharmabox
      Historical summary at 3

      TV-Box client with 3-call history
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    • qssummarybox
      Mosaic summary

      Client TV-Box summarizing all services
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    • qslcd27
      Monitor LCD 27"

      Monitor VESA without DDT from 27"
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    • qslcd32
      Monitor LCD 32"

      Monitor VESA without DDT from 32"
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    • qslcd43
      Monitor LCD 43"

      Monitor VESA without DDT from 43"
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