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Q-Retail PRO

VISEL ITALIANA is proud to present the innovative QMS solution Q-RETAIL PRO able to manage up to two different queues and multimedia content manageable remotly with the Visel Cloud platform. It's a real evolution for entry-level queue management systems market ‘cause, at real competitive costs, is possible to inform the waiting customers with news, weather forecasts or advertisement even to more sites at the same time.

Screen layout is divided into different areas showing different information. In addition to the three main areas COMPANY LOGO, TURN NUMBER and MEDIA PLAYER, this system allows (if is present the Internet connection) to show additional content like DATE AND TIME, WEATHER FORECASTS of geolocalized city and a bottom bar with latest news from RSS sources.

RETAIL BOX PRO allows to manage up to 2 different services. The number can be change through a 2.4 GHz numeric keypad (QS-KEYPAD2), virtual counter application on Android devices (QS-SMARTRETAIL) Windows PC license (QS-KEYRETAIL) or via WiFi pad (QS-WPAD). The system also includes a voice assistant engine for calling number and custom time-scheduled messages. Q-RETAIL PRO can run in MASTER mode and allows to connect SLAVE RETAIL BOX to be connected to the MASTER unit.

The system is provided of a free configuration downloadable software (Visel Sync) to manage all system preferences, including the local media playlist. The remote management of media playlist is available by purchasing a license of Visel Cloud. Q-RETAIL PRO bear CE mark.

Q-Retail PRO ×

Q-Retail PRO ×


Useful resources

  • User Manual

    Download the Q-Retail PRO user manual


Accessories and related items

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    It is the central unit of the Q-Retail PRO system
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    Q-Retail wireless consolle

    Tabletop WiFi Console for Q-Retail
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  • qskeyretail
    Q-Retail Virtual Client

    Q-Retail virtual console for PC
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  • qssmartretail
    Client Android Q-Retail

    Q-Retail call console for Android
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  • qslcd27
    Monitor LCD 27"

    It is the main display unit 27-inch
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  • qslcd32
    Monitor LCD 32"

    It is the main display unit 32-inch
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  • qslcd43
    Monitor LCD 43"

    It is the main display unit 43-inch
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  • d900
    Dispenser D900

    Tickets dispenser in plastic (ABS)
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  • tsk24000
    24.000 ticket

    Pack of 24000 tickets for D900
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  • piantana
    Dispenser floor for D900

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