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TurnSystem MiniPoint

COMING SOON - We are pleased to inform you that the new 2-digit TD2-RGB MINI POINT queue management display will soon be available. The first FULL COLOR LED display, with the possibility of choosing between 7 main colors and 60 shades. The new TD2-RGB is characterized by the elephant ANTHRACITE color of the external cabinet and the new design of the NOW SERVING label.

There are also a number of new features and additions planned, which we will provide more details on below.

The MINI POINT queue management system is undoubtedly the product with the best value for money on the market. Proof of this are the tens of thousands of installations carried out and full customer satisfaction. The MINI POINT system functions are manifold: coding of the remote control in the presence of multiple departments, resetting, backward, recall, fast forward with stop at "0", automatic shutdown, a choice of different types of horn, including configuration "master "and" slave ", a tabletop console connection (CONS2) and voice module (VOICE2).

The radio remote control (TX), enclosed in an ABS cabinet as well as reducing installation times, allows the user to significantly speed up his work. It is equipped with a button for normal or fast advance (NEXT), a programming button (C) and a confirmation LED. The combination of these two keys allows a series of functions such as callback of the number, decrease and zeroing of the display.

Another of the possibilities offered by the MINI POINT system is the connection to the voice call module (VOICE2). The product consists of a central unit, a loudspeaker complete with support for wall mounting and encloses a wide series of messages in digital format that can be defined by the user.


The KIT formula includes everything needed for the activation of a complete queue management system

Kit Description
  • 2-digit display
  • Info Cart "Ticket"
  • TX Radio-Control
  • Switching power supply with European socket
  • "NOW SERVING" adhesive label
  • Ticket Dispenser
  • 2000 ticket
  • User Manual
Kit TurnSystem MiniPoint

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