The MICROTOUCH Lite system is the new VISEL proposal in the area of queue management systems for retail businesses. The system consists of a 9.7 "touch-screen ticket dispenser (QS-MICROTOUCH), a multimedia LCD / LED monitor (or standard TV) with HDMI input, a miniPC player (QS-LITEBOX), a console wi-fi call with micro-display (QS-WCONS), a preconfigured access point and a software for managing five distinct queues and multimedia contents.

The monitor has a standard layout complete with the customer's logo, time, weather, RSS news, shift number and integrated voice call module. The dispenser allows the printing of a 2 or 3-digit numbering complete with the activity logo, time, date, number of customers in the queue and any message of courtesy or offer. MICROTOUCH Lite is therefore the ideal solution for all those retail businesses interested in offering a better service to their waiting customers, both in terms of design and information and communication regarding their products, promotions and news. All the items in the MICROTOUCH Lite line are designed and manufactured in Italy and are CE marked.

As for the progress of the numbering, it is possible to rely on four different solutions: The wired table console, the WiFi table console, the virtual console for Android smartphones or the virtual console for Windows.

Compact, functional and easy to configure.
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    Accessories and related products

    • qsmicrotouch

      Master/Slave main unit
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    • qsmarketboxpro
      MARKETBOX main unit

      Main Unit for Virtual display MARKETBOX type.
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    • qslitebox
      Lite Summary

      Client TV-Box summarizing all services
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    • qslcd10a
      Virtual counter display

      Counter display LCD 10"
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    • microtouch-counter
      PC Virtual Console

      Operator console for Computer
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    • qs-cds3
      Multipoint Counter display

      The counter display char + 3 digits
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    • qssoftstat
      MicroTouch Manager

      Optional software for statistics management
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    • converter
      Serial Converter

      RS485-RS232 converter for the connection of serial peripherals
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    • ts5014
      Floor support

      Floor support for MicroTouch.
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    • qscons
      Tabletop wired console

      Tabletop operator console
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    • qswcons
      Tabletop WiFi console

      Tabletop wifi operator console
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    • qslcd27
      Monitor LCD 27"

      Monitor VESA without DDT from 27"
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    • qslcd32
      Monitor LCD 32"

      Monitor VESA without DDT from 32"
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    • qslcd43
      Monitor LCD 43"

      Monitor VESA without DDT from 43"
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    Useful resources for MICROTOUCH Lite

    User manual - 2020 Line

    User guide for configuring MicroTouch

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    User guide for configuring MicroTouch

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    Presentation of the MicroTouch system for Bakery

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    Presentation of the MicroTouch system for Butcher's Shop

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