Main Multipoint display 3+2

Product code: MP-MD32

It is the main display unit usually placed in the waiting area and is available in 6 different versions. The direction indicator (Arrow) is standard on all models. Where there is the need to show the information in different areas you can install multiple displays summary connected together in parallel. In systems with many branches or when calls the operators are very frequent, the system allows also the installation of a second display with "LOG" function. In this way you will have always visible is the current call to the immediately preceding (Scheme 1).

If you need to handle two services need install two main displays, one for each tail or, alternatively, one of the models with alphabetic letter ( "S" suffix) can display alternately both queues. For clearly differentiate the services are also available ABS carters (MP-CARTER) in different colors to be inserted into the slots places the sides of the display (diagram 2).

wo models complete the range of 2 and 3 digits (MP-MD21 and MP-MD31) that can be used as repeaters in the number of turns or as a simple display connected to the dispensers in thermal printing the MP-PRINT line.




Matt Black


800x150x40 mm

Size with info bar

800x230x40 mm

Digit Height

100 mm

Working Temperature

0 - 50° C

View Angle



12V / 1250mA